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RentLab's mission is to drive efficiency, sustainability, and affordability in rental housing using data transparency and customized community analytics. 


Cities are our people!

Our founders came from city government, and are all about finding solutions for city governments and their allies to improve efficiency and sustainability in the rental sector. Our sustainability- and affordability-focused city partners subscribe to make RentLab available to their communities, and then we work together to activate existing data, build awareness, and improve property sustainability.  

Each subscriber community gets their own dedicated, interactive map-based tool, and a customized version of our property dashboard (shown at right) for every local rental property. RentLab develops community-specific reports to help cities understand local trends, identify high-impact and high-need areas, and target limited resources effectively.  With these tools, our partner communities can move their local rental sector in the right direction to meet city sustainability and affordability goals.

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