Landlords and property managers are a crucial partner in achieving our vision for sustainability, efficiency, and affordability in the rental housing sector.  We rely on these professionals to gather basic details about rentals, and to understand challenges and opportunities that will help make the sector better.  

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How to make your property more sustainable and elevate your Smart Living Score


RentLab's Smart Living Score is based on a broad array of property features, which means there are many ways of improving your score, your efficiency, and the quality of life you offer your tenants.  

Most effective measures

  • Make basic energy and water upgrades.  We reflect these improvements directly in the score and on the property dashboard.  If your property is a typical 1-4 family home, you'll get the best bang for your buck by sealing and insulating the attic and the basement or crawlspace (or adding insulation if there's not enough).   

Rebates and incentive programs to improve efficiency


COVID safety and energy efficiency (ACEEE)

Utility bill structures: best practices


Advice on shopping for apartments and keeping utilities affordable:


Reasons to consider adding solar to your rental property

Energy disclosure requirements and other data transparency efforts have had varied impacts on building efficiency.  Study findings are summarized in brief below.

How RentLab can benefit landlords and property managers


Duke University Energy Initiative: links to a bazillion data resources, from utility rate and climate databases to renewable energy databases to building-level energy consumption data.