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Join an info session about RentLab in Dubuque!

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Find Better Rental Housing in Dubuque
Rentlab is a new service from the City of Dubuque to promote better rental housing. RentLab gives rental properties a “Smart Living Score” to make it easier for you to find housing that fits your budget
and lifestyle.

Scores are based on data such as walkability, access to green space, and energy efficiency features such as lighting and insulation. From single-family homes to apartment complexes, RentLab allows you to easily compare rental properties in Dubuque.


Benjamin Haines from Chicago, USA, CC BY-SA 2.0

<>, via Wikimedia Commons

For Landlords and Property Managers

Rentlab is a new way for Dubuque landlords to tell their story. Some of your biggest property investments—like HVAC and water-efficient fixtures—are mostly invisible in the rental market. RentLab helps you maximize your return on these investments by making sure tenants know how they affect living costs and comfort.

Public data gives us a basic picture of every rental property, but that information misses many key details. Often, low scores reflect missing – not negative – information. Claiming your property and
sharing data helps your score.

Are you a renter in Dubuque? 

Find the info you need about local rental options, and share information about your rental unit to help other tenants find housing that fits their budget and lifestyle.

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