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Expectations in the rental housing market are changing, and at RentLab we want to help landlords and property managers be proactive, positive drivers of sustainability and affordability.  

We're focused on data transparency as a critical tool in driving change.  This can sound scary, but we aim to use better information to celebrate the positive

To do this, we're looking for landlord and property manager partners - we know that you take pride in how well you take care of your tenants and your properties, and our platform can draw attention to the investments you've made.  

At the same time, we're developing tools that will help you identify and prioritize property improvements to save you and your tenants money, save energy and water, and give you a place to brag about what you're doing.  

Fill out the form below to share information about your properties, learn more about RentLab in your community, or ask any other questions you have.  You can also email us at


If your community is already a RentLab member, you can share information about your properties in bulk using our template here.

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