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You want more efficient, sustainable, comfortable, and affordable rental housing.  RentLab helps you get it.

Ever lived in an apartment you thought you could afford, and then been completely blindsided by a huge utility bill?  Or maybe you just assumed recycling was provided onsite, and only found out after moving in that it wasn't?  

Across the US, tenants are looking for better.  This might be a very real struggle to afford your rental property, or it might be a matter of looking for rental options that align better with your values and your efforts to reduce your negative impacts on the world. Or both.

RentLab does three things to help tenants:

  1. We give you the information you need to ask the right questions about the condition of the property.  This both helps you make better decisions, and lets landlords know that you want better rental options. That's part of our effort to improve rental housing overall.

  2. We help renters communicate with each other by letting you add and revise information about the places you've rented. We're the Wikipedia of the rental world.

  3. As we get more and more data, we'll help you evaluate the full cost of your rental options, including utility bills, before you sign a lease. 


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Do you know if you're overpaying??


In one of our communities, the average, per-bedroom electric bill ranges from

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