Your Guide to Renting Smart

The Smart Living Dashboard is the centerpiece of RentLab's approach to the rental sector.  

We use the Dashboard to show all of those invisible features of a rental property that you usually don't know until after you move in.  With RentLab tools, we aim to allow tenants to make their housing decisions with their eyes wide open, and to find a home that suits both their values and their budgets.

RentLab tools are for landlords too.  We want landlords to have a better understanding of how their properties compare to other properties in their community, and we want to celebrate the investments that they're making that make rentals better.  And ultimately, more comfortable, efficient, sustainable, and affordable rentals mean happier tenants who want to stay in those properties longer.  Everybody wins.


This is the version of the Dashboard we aim for everywhere.  Detailed, over-time, unit-level utility cost and property feature data that helps tenants build a complete picture of what it will be like to actually live in a rental property.  Landlords can let tenants know about the investments they've made - those show up with a big yellow arrow in the utility graph.  And we aggregate all of this information into a handy, shorthand "Smart Living Score" that ranks, out of 100, the expected cost and environmental footprint of a given property.

Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 4.08.44 PM.png


When we don't have all the data we'd like, we ask the community to help us get it.  Landlords and tenants can both add information to the site using the "Add Property Data" button in the upper right.  We double-check that info before it goes live to guarantee quality.

RentLab Dashboard Flagstaff.jpg