Your Guide to Renting Smart

The Smart Living Dashboard and Smart Living Score are the centerpieces of RentLab's approach to the rental sector.  

We use the Dashboard to show all of those invisible features of a rental property that you usually don't know until after you move in; the Score aggregates all of this information into a single score that reflects the overall sustainability of a rental property.  With RentLab tools, we enable tenants to easily evaluate sustainability, and to find a home that suits both their values and their budgets.

RentLab tools are for landlords too. We want landlords to have a better understanding of how their properties compare to other properties in their community, and we want to celebrate the investments that they're making that make rentals better.  And ultimately, more comfortable, efficient, sustainable, and affordable rentals mean happier tenants who want to stay in those properties longer.  Everybody wins.


The Dashboard is an at-a-glance summary of the sustainability and efficiency features of each rental property in a community.  


We aggregate public data to create an initial overview and a "Smart Living Score" that ranks, out of 100, the expected environmental footprint of a given property.  Landlords can add information to let tenants know about the investments they've made, and the features that make their properties affordable and sustainable. Tenants can likewise share information like utility bills and other property basics. 

In most communities, the Smart Living Score starts out low for everyone.  This reflects the low availability of data rather than a truly "low" score (this is why properties get a "green" (highest rated) dot on our map even the the score seems low - in the early stages, green reflects the best performers given the available data).  As more data becomes available in a given community, more points become available, and more properties will have higher scores (the threshold to get a green dot is also higher). 

Every community and every property starts with a simplified version of the dashboard, reflecting the types of data they have access to.  That's why we look to the community to help us by sharing information about their rental experiences.  Visit here for more information and here to fill out our super-simple data-sharing form.

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